Perfect Sunday


Not doing anything today! Just going to lie in bed in PJ’s and flip through some magazines. That’s it! 😊 Perfect Sunday.

So Over Streetstyle

The headline says it all – Streetstyle? I’m SO over it! It started so great, but now it’s just too much to take. I used to get inspiration from various “streetstylers”, but it seems like the outfits are getting more and more crazy and it’s turning out to be more about being seen and getting your picture taken then it is about actually the clothes. Bah. I’m OVER IT. So, what’s new?


New kneehigh boots from BEBE! 😍Normally I think BEBE have way too slutty and cheaplooking stuff but these I liked. Anyone have ideas on how to style those? I keep going for the same thing, short dress. This one is H&M. And while wearing this I kept getting annoyed by the fact I chose those stupid earrings instead of a statement necklace. Bah. #stylingmistake

2015-10-06 20.03.04

Little Black Dress

Monday AGAIN, feels like it was monday like two days ago! Same black dress I wore friday, different styling. Love my shoes from Taylor says! Usually I buy all my shoes from – I live in Norway and when it comes to high heels it’s like living on a desert island… the selection is HORRIFIC at best! Thank god for the internet and express delivery!


Family weekend

You have to love a good buffet! πŸ˜‚ Especially when it’s at a fancy hotel in the Norwegian mountains and they have THE best icecream for dessert. The fresh air makes you way too hungry… my sequin skirt started to bulge at the waist. #muffintop 😁

2015-10-03 22.55.48


I LOVE pink! Some people think it’s a childish colour, I think they must have boring lives. Everybody needs pink! It makes you smile! That’s the only thing I miss about my job – colours. We only wear black.. but at least we can wear shoes in whatever colour we want. Thank GOD! Now there’s a party waiting AND it’s an open bar. I love when relatives turn 70. πŸ˜‚

Black & Red

Yesterdays outfit for work! I left early, as we were going for a weekend away with family.

2015-10-03 12.15.09

2015-10-03 12.15.44

I love skaterdresses. You have more freedom to move around, and the skirt flows nicely when you walk. Also, it’s a nice shape for every bodytype, I think. The red shoes are a favourite from Jessica Simpson called “waleo”. I have those in various colours, but the red I loved so much that I got 2 pairs actually. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ #shoelover over here!